A Canadian Lawyer has Appealed to the CRTC (Canadian FCC to Censor American Web Sites)

An unprecedented blow was slapped on free speech on Wednesday August 23rd when Ottaw based Lawyer Richard Warman, asked the CRTC to force Internet providers to block access to two U.S. Based websites.

In his application Warman accuses the google blogsites of being operated by a "Notorious" Nazi sympathizer and contained material to incite violence against him and that he now fears for his life because of these websites.

Google spokesperson Steve Langdon was quoted as saying in defence of free speech "We want Blogger to enabel free expression, inbluding the hosting of views and opinions that are unpopular"

Entries on the websites have called for the "violent overthrow" of the Canadian governement and the "extermination" of Jews in Canada

The author of this article although not an advocate of the propogation of hatred does stand up for free speech. It's unfortunate that some people fall prey to this rhetoric but I will fight for them to publish it and make it available. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and its up to us to listen to it or not

Just Say No To Censorship in any Form