All About Soop?

So you're wondering what this soop business is all about ... it's a little tough to explain in a few paragraphs.

It's my place on the net. My space of operation. My nest of ill-repute. People have been known to lose minds, become aroused, laugh, and most certainly get pissed off while visiting here.

Who Is Soop?

Soop is me, Guru Extraordinaire.

I've been on this intraweb thing since around 93/94 ... I do remember what "TALK" is and I've used it on more than one occasion. Prior to that I can recall the renegade/remoteaccess/telegard days, I cut my teeth with Esoft, and wasn't a fan of the gui - I can still safely say I'm not

I was at comdex before it was cool, and I've removed keypress from many a computer. Long live the 5 1/4". L Shift-O "*" ,8,1 will end all your worries.
If any of that made sense to you we'd probably get along to some extent

Needless to say I was pretty much born with a keyboard and a joystick.

I've hid out from the Somali Mafia and I've had lunch with General Mohamed Farrah Aidid's wife, yes he is the bad guy from Black Hawk Down

I'm willing to bet dimes to donuts that C.S.I.S. knows who I am

I know what $30,000 looks like in small bills packed into shopping bags and that to the uninformed Khat looks like spinach.

I was a raver, and much like the CIA - PLUR FOR LIFE - It's hard to live it down, that pretty much started with the internet for me as well ... fuckin' geeks we've gotta be the innovators

Tiesto was/is(?) an idiot and I can confirm this, christopher lawrence is pretty cool, Dj Dan "Kills", richie hawtin will always have a special place in my aural pleasure zone.

Happy Hardcore is a guilty pleasure

I never wore fun fur ... although I may have thought about it. I do know what PHAT pants are, and glow sticks taste odd, D-Fridays will forever be a cool place to chill, and COZO will always be dirty.

I'm a big music fan in general, and although my CD purchasing has slowed down (not because of mp3's more because of the plethora of crap being pushed), I'm still aggressive when it comes to my musical tastes. I've seen everyone from the Stones and The Who to Depeche Mode and Erasure. I proposed to my wife at Neil Diamond and I've followed No Doubt across borders.

Years ago I'd been known to party to extremes and still on occasion can be twisted into it.

Yes kids, that also means I am experienced with "Intoxicating Substances". I'll be honest, I pretty much spent any time from say 95/96 till about 2000ish, ingesting alot of different substances, and no its not a negative aspect of my life, more of an enlightening one. For my thoughts on addictions, intoxicants, prohibition and harm reduction you can read my thoughts at "Everybody Must Get Stoned", but to summarize it, prohibition doesn't help it hurts, since the dawn of time man has had the urge to get stoned so why not let him, drug education is based on in accuracies, lies, and outright propoganda. I'll take comments on this if you feel the need.

I've lived all over and visited most placed on this continent;

  • born in Brantford, ON.
  • spent some time in Calgary, AB.
  • realized Burlignton On, is pro catholic school
  • Elevated to Waverly NS and LC Skerry elementary
  • Slouched through Ellenvale Jr. High in Dartmouth NS.
  • attempted to enjoy Prince Andrew High
  • migrated west to Toronto and did a fsck of a lot
  • Epiphanied myself to Halifax for some salt air.
  • Sauntered back west to Toronto and did alot fscking more
  • Flew the coop and landed in Oxbow
  • Since then I've investigated divorce and moved to Cornwall ON

All along the way I've visited, enjoyed, entertained places such as New York, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Houston, Hazard County, Cookeville Tennessee, Mephis, Texarkana, Maryland, Vancouver, Montreal, Edmunston, Gainsborough, Edmonton, Trois Riviere, Hull, Cornwall, Estevan, Havana, Rochester and every place in between.

I've done alot of driving and my average road trip distance seems to be about 3200km, I've made it from Halifax NS. to Scarborough ON. ... if I remember correctly it was about 16 hours - Long story.

I've been to many a parliament building and it tends to be in protest over something, my first encounter was education cutbacks and the Nova Scotia Legislature in around 1990 ... My first tv news clip consisted of the top of my head bobbing in front of the camera at the doors of the legislature. Since then its become a little more progressive, I have Ed Broadbent on speed dial (he doesn't always answer), and I can confirm that Rona Ambrose has no clue. I've debated Ken Dryden ... yes THE KEN DRYDEN. It's hard to debate someone that you tend to agree with.

I don't do much these days, well not in the traditional sense of the word anyways.

I have a wonderful daughter who I love and adore She keeps us busy with her indoctrination towards world domination, overthrowing robots, activism and intelligence in general. So far she seems to have mastered the "Toe Clutch Lopsided Roll of Doom".

It's a work in progress

Trust me ... you'll be kissing her ring.
It's an eventuality.

I'm debating home school options but who knows.

Alot of reading goes on these days, with a bit more of a bent for non-fiction, a few recent reads are;

See ... I read alot, too much. M

I'm a movie nut and I can pontificate on alot of them. Hell I pontificate on just about everything. Not only are my walls lined with books, they're also leaning with movies. I still appreciate VHS and think it has a longer life span in some respects

Certainly not a fan of oranized religion, this includes the uniteds, the catholics, the protestants, the jews, and mainly any Judaeo Christian based religion. My favourtie quote on christianity;

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians" - Mohandas Gandhi

I do have spiritual beliefs, but most don't get them, and it's not so much spiritual as it is self empowering.

Yes I am a nut job. Don't make me call you stupid.

Oh quit fretting, yes there will be more eventually.